Lite-On dvd-rom and yamaha f1 won't spin up discs consistently!


this is my first post. i bought these drives a few years ao so please bare with me. i my ltd-163? it’s pretty old skool. it won’t read cd-roms, PERIOD. it can read dvd perfectly fine. which is a shame cuz i bought it for its fast dae spd. i’ve upgraded it to its latest official firmware.

my yamaha f1, also on it’s latest official firmware, takes a few eject/spinups to read alotta cd’s as well.

is dae really bad for these things??? right now i’m in the process of reconverting most of my music library into the “–alt preset standard” with EAC everyone at hydrogen audio is talking about, but my drives are soooo tempermental!!!

is it time for a new drive? cuz their primary features (for the lite-on [dvd] and yamaha[burning]) work absolutely fine, dangit!

LAST thing! i don’t really understand the whole thing where sometimes, my optical drives disappear in windows…how do i get them back without rebooting?


looks like the right time for: “format c:”, if the drives only appear after a reboot. maybe it’s time for a brand new dvd-writer?! :wink: