Lite-On DVD Recorders

What are people’s experiences with these? Amazon are selling one at only £99. How do they compare to Philips (I’ve got a DVDR880, but am looking to replace to take advantage of my three year extended warranty buyback with Richer Sounds)

I can’t comment on the unit you are looking at but…

I had an LiteOn 5045 for a total of three days before it started producing digital artifacts and black lines on the output (via SCART). I suspect it was a duff internal connection - but it went back to AMAZON.

I have since bought an LG RH7500 - very happy with this. The LiteOn had a poor build quality - looked and felt cheap. LG much better from this respect and the same price for similar functionality.

Here is a link to a very helpful forum on Liteon DVD/HDD recorders. As an owner of a HDD Liteon machine I am happy with mine but others have had problems.

There is also a Standalone LiteOn DVD Recorder Forum right here at cdfreaks.