Lite-on DVD Recorder

Does anyone know of a compatible drive to replace the original drive for my Lite-on DVD recorder my problem is the disc tray will not open. The model No of the original drive is DDW813S076. & to be totally honest I have been in touch with Lite-on technical help and they as much help as an ashtray on a motor bike and I vow never to buy a Lite-on product again. Please click on this link below this machine uses the same drive as my lite-on. I have not read it all but I have read so much in a short time trying to find a solution to my problem but it will give a good insight as to the workings of this machine the uses the same drive.…htm#Section05

Any IDE (PATA) DVDRW drive should work as the original drive (DDW813S076) is connected via standard IDE interface. :wink: