Lite On DVD recorder remote code

I have a sony satelite box and can control the on, rec, stop and off (just like a remote control IR function). It needs a remote control code and the sony config screeen does not have lite on as an option.

Where can i find the remote control code that is similar or identical to other manufacturers to control the 4 functions


Question #18 at the FAQ section of the following link should provide the information you need.

Thanks for the info, I have seen that FAQ
I m not sure i can use that code because the sony sat box is requesting for a manufacurer and a code (eq Sony, 1-6 or Toshiba 15,16, etc,…)

The code on th link has hex codes and im not sure i can use them

thanks anyways

maybe someone can help me to find a comparable remote code

I had purchased a learning remote but it could not learn the signals from my US 5005.

You may want to check out this thread at on ILO remotes replacements as the ILO units are simply rebadged Liteons.

Can any one tell me if the LVW5005 can be operated by a Universal remote? I’ve tried, but can not seem to find the code number to enter into the Universal remote.

Or, possibly, some one may know if the LVW5005 can be operated by a remote from another brand (Sony, Panasonic, etc.)? If so, what brand & model - I could try that.

many say the LiteOn must use a special code even Learning remotes have problems with it.

Visit website They sell remotes for the Liteon 5000 series.

Oilman, You missed my point. I don’t need a replacement remote - I want to program a universal remote so it will operate the Liteon (as well as TV, surround sound, etc.)

CCRomeo, Surfing web & reading more; it appears that Liteon & ILO may, in fact, be buggers to program into a universal remote.

But thanks for the replies

I merged this thread. In here I had tried to get a Philips learning remote to learn the 5005 code and it would not. This post is a link to the remote codes for the 5005 from LiteOn.

Hi - Actually I do have a “One for All 6” URC and whilst I could not find any code that would work for a Liteon, it was easily programmed, and I can control most of the main features of the Liteon from it.

I had to program virtually every button which took a few minutes and a bit of patience. I can use the guide menu and the timer menu, select channnels etc.

The main problem with the One for all 6 is that it is limited to about 25 programmed buttons, and so I did not have enough to program the numbers 0-9 in, but actually you rarely use these - even when entering timed recordings (you use the cursor up/down and select to set the times mostly).

The other minor issue is that you then have no or very few programmable buttons left for other operating modes (e.g. VCR etc) but this was not a significant issue for me as the device codes for my other equipment worked quite well.

There is a more expensive “all for one” model (kameleon) which I think has more extensive programming functionality, but I could not be certain if it would work as well as the “all for one 6” model has for me.

The only time I need to use the original remote is when I need to adjust the system settings, clock timer etc.

i have been trying to find a one for all remote that will work with my liteon dvd recorder,does anyone have any info on that? :bow:

I tried to get a Philips learning remote to do it and it wouldn’t. Oilman got a One For All 6 to learn most but not enuff room for the number keys. See here

i have the lite on 5005 and have a one for all kameleon remote 6962…does anyone know the code for the one for all remote?

If you have a JP1 capable universal remote (many URC remotes are), you can find JP1 files for various Liteon DVD Recorders here:

Just scroll down to the appropriate Liteon model.

For those who don’t know what JP1 is:

Go to JP1 for beginners.

Hope this helps.