Lite On dvd recorder not filling whole disc



Hi! I have trouble with the recording time available on a deleted disc… For instence if I recorded four programs and deleted two, say one 30mins and the other 40mins then I should have 70mins available time to record… But it doesn’t… It will have either 30 or 40!!! Please help many thyanks…


If you are using DVD-R or DVD+R discs delete does not free up usabable recording space you will need to usr DVD+RW or DVD-RWs to do that; you may need to reformat the disc first. Delete on unformated -R or +R discs just deleted the titles but does not erase what space was used in the recording.


Thanks for your reply!! I’m using DVD+RW… I don’t remember them needing forming…:confused:


Hi rosalie, if you are deleting programs in between recordings, this will not add time to the end empty title, it will add a empty title in its deleted position.

Let’s say you’ve got 4 recordings, 30 minutes and 1 hour available, you delete program 2 and 4, you’ll get titles that look like this;

30 minutes
empty (30 minutes)
30 minutes
empty (1 hour and 30 minutes)

You’ll need to eventually erase program 3 and then you’ll get 2 hours and 30 minutes and so on.

Some recorders allow you to overwrite “in between” titles on RWs, a little tricky to manage, frustrating more than anything.

Hope this helps.