Lite-on DVD Recorder LVW5002



Help!Could anyone please tell me how to record Intigrated Digital Tv
My TV has Freeview [not a set top box]but the recorder will only pick up the terestrial signal and i have tried everything
A hilton


Some IDTVs allow the TV signal to be output via the scart sockets for recording on a VCR or DVD. You may have to set up the TV specifically to do this. The scart socket from the TV would connect to the scart in socket of the 5002, and you would have to set the 5002 to record from the scart socket.

The problem you are having is that the freeview decoder is directly integrated with the TV, and you cannot connect the 5002 between the freeview decoder and the TV.

With a freeview box, it simple to do this as you simply use a scart from the freeview box to the DVD scart in and then scart out from the 5002 to the TV. Decoded signals from the freeview box are sent through the 5002 to the TV, and hence the 5002 can record them.

If your TV does not have an option to output its signal for recording via the scart, don’t despair.

The simplest solution is to buy a stand-alone freeview box (less than £30 now if you don’t want topup TV) and connect this via scart to 5002. You would have to connect the ariel to the freeview box, and then connect the freeview box to the 5002 via an RF, and then connect the 5002 to the TV with a final RF lead.

Actually, this method would enable you to record a different freeview channel to the one you are watching on the TV which gives you more flexibility. The TV can be switched off with this setup.

Let us know how you get on.