Lite-on Dvd Recorder From Costco

I recently purchaes the Lite-On DVD Recorder from Costco ($120), it is model 5115-Hxxxx something, I can’t remember the whole model #…I took it back a week later…I was very disappointed, it was a real cheap model, after reading the manual, I could not get it to work, it would’nt give me any on-screen display when I wanted to initially perform the ‘Setup’ per Manual instructions…

I guess U get what you pay for…what model DVD Recorder do you guys recommend in here? I know there are pricier models out there, Toshiba, Sony Panasonic, Samsung, etc…



I would not purchase a Toshiba. I base that on the probs I’m having with a RD-XS24.It seems to be for high-level techie types and not for the less sophisticated of us and the menu structures are soooo convulated.Nothing simple here!!
One further comment. The only way I can burn to DVD from the HDD is to burn to a RW disk,finalise it and then burn that on my pc to a dvd -r.How stupid and time-wasting is that???Direct recording to DVD is a no-no with the Datawrite yellows that I use exclusively.Probably only likes high priced brandeds.And no support for dvd +r, or divx or xvid et al.
I’m washing my hands on the £250 I recently spent and going for a LiteOn 5450 and hope that does the business.

I think you’re making a big assumption that good discs cost a lot of money. If you take the time to find the good media ID (MID), then select that from sellers which provide this information regardless of brand, then you may improve your success rate considerably. ALso you don’t say what speed rating the Datawrites were. Some high-speed discs aren’t compatible with standalone DVD recorders for home entertainment, and the fact that your success rate improves when using a slower rated RW disc tends to suggest this may be a factor.

imkidd57: I don’t think it’s a speed issue as the Tosh reads 16x I burn on my pc with the datawrites. There’s no way I can find in the multitude of menus/selections any way to slow the burn speed down.However I will investigate further and report back.

Well, reading a disc is not the same as burning it.

If you think about it, reading (i.e. playing back a DVD-Video) on a standalone recorder will always be at 1x and therefore bound to be more successful. If you’re directly recording to DVD then the burning will be at 1x too, but not all standalone recorders can record at 1x to 16x-rated discs. You may be able to copy a DVD title from the HDD to DVD at faster than real-time, but 16x is pushing it.

You probably can’t alter the burn speed of the recorder, but you can buy slower rated discs e.g. ‘1-4x’ rated (or, if it’s available, obtain a firmware upgrade that allows the use of the faster discs).

Attention to all guys above. The original poster is not talking about a burner that goes inside your computer. This device is a DVDR set top box (kind of like a DVR (tivo) because you can schedule timed recordings). I think the model # he’s talking about is a LVW-5115.

I am in love with my Lite-on set top DVD Recorder that I also got from Costco (got in in 2004). It has the slogan “All Write” because it can record plus and minus discs and plus and minus RW’s and DVD-RAM and CD-R/W. It just can’t record dual layer anything. I burn about 3 discs a week with this thing and never had any problems. My uncle bought the exact same unit as me from Costco too and it was DOA with quirky menus and whatnot, after returning he got a perfectly working unit.

Regarding other brands of set top DVDR boxes… I also used one of the early Toshiba models but had troubles with it ruining the disc and not being able to “finalize” about 1/3 of the time. I love the fact that you can set these things to do timed recordings, very useful for TV shows you want to keep forever or when you are running out of space on your Tivo and want to record a 6hr marathon (yes a VCR works too).

Welcome to the forum :flower:, and thanks for relaying your positive experiences. These are always useful to keep a balance.

We’re aware of this, and all the comments we made also apply to this type of recorder.


I am also looking for Remote codes for the LVW-5516 I did email Lite support but they were no help?

In my opinion the LITEON is utter crap. I have no problem with LITEON as a DVD burner, but for DVD recorder I don’t like how it is built.

For some reason it seems they are poorly insulated, fan / psu somehow causes interferences, sync issues, poor video quality, etc…and poor TV tuner.

I have gotten many LITEON DVD recorder models too and was disappointed with the quality compared to the original. I think too much filtering is used on the video…the tv tuner portion sucks too IMO.

I know for a fact not ALL LITEON recorders are bad - some are better, but the ones at Costco, well are the affordable ones, are average at best.

After doing a lot a research I have gotten myself the Toshiba DR-4 and could not be happier. It is QUIET, good fan, no interference/distortion, good clamping, no green tint or other anomalies, ability to control IRE for both input & output among many other features, including one of the best menu templates I have seen - You can choose among many colour menu styles, you can change thumbnails to the images you want, you can edit, it supports flexible recording (between 1h-2h using timer rec) and much more… It’s TV tuner is CLEAN, it has a frame syncroniser, it locks on to very poor video and maintains lipsync perfectly - There were reports of the DVD recorder falsly detecting macrovision on poor tapes. Personally I have fed the worse kind of VHS tapes to this unit and it has never failed on me. The build quality is sturdy, the connectors are rock solid and very durable, unlike the flimsy design of the liteons. I would not hesitate to recommend this one.

I have had a few of the Lite-on DVD recorders from Cost-Co. All the same model, but they don’t record for long. Each one, I am pleased with at the beginning, but not long and they record coasters.
I’ve been told many versions of why from Lite-on. Premium quality brand disks only. Never a disk with a higher than 8X speed. Difficult to find now other than I got a pack of Sony DVD-RW. The last disk of those I put into the machine it cannot read to record on it. Tells me wrong media.

It reads my .avi files excellent. The disks on burn as data on my computer I can watch 5 movies off 1 dvd, but what I record from it now, it will not let me view its own recordings (this particular machine is now 8 months old) and I did put in the computer and the recording has been glitches, pauses, sound problems. Very irritating.

Cost Co has changed their return policy as of Feb 07, I was told but because I have the receipt and this was purchased prior to that date, they will honor the old return policy for it.
I am going to be boxing it up and taking it back soon. I see Cost Co no longer carries the Lite-On. They do pride themselves in only carry good quality merchandise and finding many returns and problems I’m sure is part of their influence in no longer carrying this model.