Lite on DVD Ram cant read disks//CD-Rom install freezes computer

I have a Lite On DVD Ram 20x that supports DVD+R/RW, DVD+R DL, CD-R/RW writing.(Serial ATA Drive )

However, I have succesfully plugged it in, but when comes time to plop in a disk, it wont read it. It would take it in, however it goes in about half the speed it came out and makes a click… (no, it is not the CD because i have test the CD on another computer with the same exact DVD ram and it worked)-Also no drivers installed if any needed, because i cannot run Neros 7 CD with something that can’t read it.

Now another problem: Whenever i try to hook up my CD-Rom drive my comptuer freezes at MB startup page where you can press a key to enable bios/setup. So my computer cannot operate with a CD-Rom for some reason and i need a solution to both problems! The CD-Rom is old but perfect condition no idea what type, just say your basic CD-Rom.

EDIT: I found updated firmware, updated the DVD drive, and now when i put in a disk and i click on the D: drive it asks me to insert one, when ones already in… >.>

Sounds like a dirty or failed drive.