Lite-On dvd not working?

Hello, Thanks for checking this out.
I have a Lite-on dvdrw sohw-1633s bso and awhile ago I downloaded a program that was supposed to allow me to copy out of country (USA) dvds. Now the green light on the front of the burner always blinks and when I attempt to burn any movie nothing happens. I run DVD 1 Click Copy 5 and Any DVD. I’m new to all of this so lets take it slow. Where should I begin?

     T.Y. Sleeves

What’s the name of the program?

this all took place a few months ago. The best I can determine at this point is that I installed “Drive region Free” in Aug O7. Could that be it?

Sounds like it may be bricked, I.E flashed wrong firmware or ETC onto it and now it doesn’t have firmware on it

[QUOTE=Sleeves;1920493]Hello, Thanks for checking this out.
I have a Lite-on dvdrw sohw-1633s bso…[Edit]…Where should I begin?

     T.Y. Sleeves[/QUOTE]

This is an old, but reliable burner. The good news is that it has a Mediatek chipset and is usually recoverable from an incorrect or bad flash.
I don’t see where [B]bso[/B] is a valid firmware.

First off, try to flash your drive with the proper firmware.
I still have this drive in an old pc. I hardly ever use it, but there’s still life in the old girl.
For stock firmwares, I’d try BSOS or BSOY:

You can also use a utility for liteon drives to make your burner region free:

There’s also a tool called FLASHFIX that’s useful with a failed attempt to make your drive region free.

In the event your drive will not flash, all is not lost.
There’s a good chance you can recover it with
This is a dos-based utility.
I think there be a version that will allow you to launch from the command prompt, but I’m not sure. It’s been awhile.
I’ve always booted into dos .

Hope this helps.

Great info.
What is “flash”?
Do I want to delete the Drive Region Free program that I downloaded?

“Flash” refers to the process of updating or changing the firmware. I guess the term has its roots in what’s referred to as flash memory, a rewritable memory chip.

Anyway, go to the link I provided before or right here to Liteon’s site to download the firmware:
Liteon firmware
Flashing your burner with the correct liteon firmware will rewrite the firmware and hopefully will fix the problem. Doing this should delete the non-functioning firmware.
If not, take it a step at a time as I described above.

Good luck, and oh yeah,
welcome to cdfreaks…:wink: