Lite-On DVD Media?

uuummm… I went to the cd shop here in the philippines and i bought every single dvd+r, dvd-r brand i could find there and I want to know which one is good… any suggestions which you think is good? I could only find these brands…

Star World DVD+R 4x
Media code/Manufacturer ID VDSPMSAB001

Esperanza DVD+R 8x
Media code/Manufacturer ID MCC 003

Pinnacle DVD-R 4X
Media code/Manufacturer ID ONIDTECH

I-Omega DVD-R 8x
Media code/Manufacturer ID CMC MAG. AE1

Philips DVD-R 4x
Media code/Manufacturer ID CMC MAG. AF1

ummm… I cant find any verbatim, ritek, or those brands and i’ve heard lite-on performs better with +R but I also bought some -Rs cause I think the +R brands I bought are junk…

Can you guys tell me what do you think is better here? or do i have to burn some data on all of them to find out which one is good?

By the way, I have a lite on sohw 1673S

the esperanza at least has an mcc003 mid…bring back the star world and the pinnicle. the phillips and the i-omega are probably worth trying but i wouldn’t expect stunning results.

uumm… hehe, i thought the star world aint good. So esperanza is the best in those? Its dvd+r and its 8x… I mught stick to buying that if thats the best…