Lite-On DVD Dual layer 1633S, does not read DVD



I just got this DVD Writer about 3 weeks ago. It read a DVD when I first got it, and now it almost locks up the whole computer when I put a DVD in it. I haven’t even tried to burn a DVD yet. It did burn a CD-R. I haven’t tried that lately. I tried to update the firmware. I don’t know if it worked, because after the firmware says 100% completed, it never finishes to the point of closing the program. I have to use Windows Task Manager to close it. It takes a long time to boot if a DVD is in the drive. Anything else seems to work fine. Can’t adjust the DVD region settings. It doesn’t have a region set, but can’t set it to region 1 either.
Can someone Help? I can’t find any cusomer support for this company either.


Usually when flashing the firmware, the utility says 100% complete, but might not be finished till possibly 1 min after that. At that point is says its successfull and closes. Was the LED on your drive still blinking when you force-closed the program…in that case you interupted the upgrading process.


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Have you checked out the DVD Burner forum FAQs?

You could try removing any burning apps you might have installed and then re-install the latest version. Also remove any packet writing software like InCD and DirectCD. Also MusicMatch Jukebox can cause this kind of problem…


I waited hours after the firmware update with no responce.

I checked the DVD burner FAQs, but did not see what my problem is.

I will try getting rid of the INCD, but for now, the kids are whining about going fishing. I’ll try it later. Thank You for you ideas.


Got rid of InCD and now it works.
Thank You for the help.