Lite-On DVD Drives

Like many I’ve been considering a new DVD drive. Lots of people here are fans of the LTD-163[D], but does anyone have any details about the LTD-165H.

I’ve done a search but there is nothing concrete about the RPC capabilities, nor things like sub-channel capabilites and DAE etc. I expect that it will not read any protected audio but I’ve found an old Matsushita SCSI CD-ROM which I’ll test with when I finally get some protected audio CDs.

Sorry, haven’t heared much about it yet. But here is my thoughts:

Read subchannels? Yes
Read protected audio? Maybe some protections, like some Lite-On CD-RW drives.
RPC? RPC2, I have my doubts if the rpc status changing program will still work.
DAE? Full speed, supports caching, accurate stream and C2 errors.

That is only thoughts tough…

Thanks OC-Freak, didn’t realise it was that new :slight_smile:

Guess I’ll wait for the reviews to appear.