Lite-On DVD/CD-RW Combo Problem


I just recently purchased a Lite-On Combo SOHC-5232K. It reads CDs and DVDs great, but I can’t get the CD-RW the write properly.

I have Nero 6 on Windows XP. I use RiData 52x CD-Rs

I tried to burn a few music CDs, but it seems to stop @ 2% and the CD-RW just spins it constantly until I close Nero down.

What’s the problem?

Thanks for the help!
Sorry, I’m a nub.

The first thing I would do is go to nero web and download any updates to your download folder. Then uninstall ALL of nero (except the update in your download folder). Shut down the computer; wait 15 secounds and restart the computer. As the computer boots up tap the F8 key untill the safe mode screen comes up. use your up arrow to select safe mode. click on safe mode. When the computer is finished booting; Reinstall nero plus your update.
If that dont fix the problem then I would send the burner back to the company I bought it from.
And I would keep sending them back until they send one that works. Especially LITEON.

post your nero log it will sure shed some light on this C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero\NeroHistory.log and dont include neros serial , and as alredy said make sure you have the latest version of nero and if you dont then get it and use the nero general clean tool to uninstall the current get it from here it suppost to do it better then the regular uninstaller , do you have the latest firmware for your drive?

@s9068 i disagree on the safe mode , theres no need to do it that way

If Norton is on the computer then 9 out of 10 time there will be a conflect with between nero and norton and the easyest to get around that is safemode; unless you want to do a clean boot; Which involves going in to msconfig.