Lite-On DVD Burner rips only at 2x :(



Hi everyone,
I recently installed a Lite-On SOHW1633S in my computer. I tried using DVD Decrypter to rip a testing DVD onto my HD, but it will only do it at 2x (rarely 2.1x) max. I couldn’t believe it so I took the same DVD to my friends house, who has the exact same Lite-On drive as me, and tried it there. There he rips MUCH faster than me, If I recall correctly, his process was done in less than 14 minutes, while it was supposed to take me 50 minutes…What’s going on here? How can I fix it?

I have a 2.26ghz intel P4, and he has an AMD Athlon.

Thanks in advance!


make sure DMA is enable and not PIO mode.

you can check it in control panel, device manager, and IDE controller


That helped…



your welcome. your friend is smart for going with AMD