Lite-On DVD Burner Help!

Hi, I need some help with my Lite-On DVD Burner, The model is:


The problem is it will not read Anything at all! A couple times I may be able to get it to read a DVD Movie (Video TS) And everything, But usually it will not, It will burn DVD’s perfect, But after I burn the DVD’s on it and try to play it back on the burner It will not read it, But my DVD Player will, The same exactly with Data DVD’s, I’ve burned some VERY Important VOB’s to a Data DVD-R And it will not read any of the DVD’s at all, And I need to put theese back on my computer very bad. If I were to lose theese VOB files It would seariously be BAD for me. I can’t figure out why this burner will burn everything perfect, But will not read DVD Movie, DVD-R Data, Oh, Also it will read CD Audio! When I put a Audio CD in it will show up on my Mp3 Workshop but it does not comfirm that I have anything at all in the player, It is the same when it will Sometimes read DVD-Movies, It does not pop-up and tell me, I have to click on the D: Drive to know every time (To see the Video_TS Files) I have updated ALL Firmware on it (1633S.BS0Y)

OmniPatcher version: 2.4.2
Firmware file name: 1633S.BS0Y.stock.exe

Someone PLEASE Help me!!!
Thank you,

I’ve got a SHM 160P6S(OEM) that does the same thing. I think the reading lazer went bad. It will still burn like a champ but it will not read anything. This happened about 60 days after I got it. With the price of burners($30-$40 at Newegg) now, I replaced it with 2 BenQ 1650’s a couple of months ago.

I had this for 2 Years… I’m about to go get a good DVD Burner with Lightscribe tomorrow, I’m seariously exousted with putting up with this, I’ve been working on those VOB Video files for 3 whole years now and I have them re-mastered perfect from VHS master tapes, I just wish my DVD Burner would work, I can’t really afford another, But i’m not going to take a chance with theese files. Can anyone help me out please??