Lite-On Dual Layer 4X, when?

Anyone know when Lite-On will release their DVD writer with 16X single and 4X dual layer support ?

The next model should have it. Probably in another 16x3S. :wink:

liteon drives with same ending (in this case 3S) have interchangeble firmwares. but only unofficial. i have read something bout a 1653S. if it’s true, will it be possible to flash a 1213/1613/1633s to that new model?

The 1653S is the next drive, and is slated to have 4x DL speed. It may have a slightly different OPU, but will have the same chipsets. So it will be “flashable” firmware for the 1633, but whether it works well is another question. It will also have 16x -R capability.

After that will be the 1673S, with 8x +RW and 6x -RW capability. This assumes that LO doesn’t change their plans.

I don’t know. The “53S” part worries me. The last time there was a “5” (811S vs. 851S), the two were not interchangeable.