Lite-On drives help?

I’m trying to see what the differences are between the Lite-On drive models SHM-165P6S and SHM-165H6S, from what I can tell the 2 drives are the same drives, am I wrong about this?

The SHM-165H6S (link) has Lightscribe capability and the SHM-165P6S (link) does not.

Other than that, I believe they are the same. :slight_smile:


I was told by Lite-On that the 2 drives are the same exact drive but the internal components are made by 2 differnt manufacturers, does anyone know who the 2 manufacturers are? also, which drive is the better one?

I think they use a different chipset in the Litescribe drive. Just figure out if you want or need LS or not. They are both good drives.

what is LightScribe exactly?

LightScribe explained.

thanks for the link,
I see that you have both drives, which drive do you like better and why?

bnm81002 I am not trying to hijack your post, just happens to be that I am researching those two drives as well and had a quick question that you might be interested in as well.

Are those drives good to use for scanning DVD’s and CD’s?


Yes liteon are good scanning drives…

Lite-on drives are great for scanning DVDs, but not highly recommended for scanning CDs… Take a look at this thread.