Lite-On Drives better?



Lite-On Drives better then Sony?


Sony Drives=LiteOn drives :smiley: LiteOn have only a better Firmwaresupport. Sony only write a Label on a LiteON drive. thats it.


It depends. Sony does not make drives by themselves, they buy them from different manufacturers like Liteon, Benq, Samsung or Nec and put their label on it.
There had been a collaboration between Sony and Liteon (including development) until recently. The Liteon drives built together with Sony can be identified by the first letter of the drive name. It is a ā€œSā€ like in [B]S[/B]HM-165P6S or [B]S[/B]OHR-5239V. With these drives, there is no difference in hardware, and if you know the names of both, the Sony and the Liteon, then it is often possible to change a Liteon into a Sony and vice versa.

Liteon has now teamed up with Benq (and Philips).
Sony and Nec have joined to Optiarc.