Lite-On Drive Unique Problem

I have a lite-on SOHW 1653S flashed with

Normally I use nero to burn Sony+R AccuCore DVDs and scan them in nero disk quality. If the error is high i reset the “media learning” with EEPROM Utility 3.8.3 and get a better write the next time.

My drive has been giving me problems for the past two days. Every time i put in a disk, it will make a clicking sound and wont read it. The drive led is lit-up during this time. I have to reinsert the disk 2-4 times to get it to read successfully.

Even though the drive is giving me problems with reading, it has started giving me EXCEPTIONALLY good burns since the past couple of days. Previous burns PIE were at least 25 and PIF were 5 with quality score of minimum 80. But now PIE stand at 10 max and PIF at 2 with a even lower average (scan posted below)

Can please someone advice me of the problem? I am reluctant to re-flash/reset media learning to see if it sorts out the problem because of quality burns i am getting. So i need some second opinion from some more experienced/with more knowledge of these drives. Also does frequent use of the “reset media learning” option from the EEPROM Utility cause problems?

Thank You