Lite-On DH-401S reads PlayStation 3 discs

I just posted the article Lite-On DH-401S reads PlayStation 3 discs.

Up until now, it seemed like there was an extra layer of copy protection added to Sony PlayStation 3 game discs that prevented all PC Blu-ray drives from being able to recognise…

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It’s about time. All other games are hackable, now Sony here we come!!! :d

Yeah right ‘backups’ my ass, I think a more accurate way to call it is ‘illegal copies’ I mean who does backups of games anyway? If you smashed your disc it’s your problem, buy a new one… Christ

^ I hope that was sarcasm, otherwise it’s the most retarded thing I’ve read all of this year.

for gods sake its s$ny thhey will have this drive removed if they get their way after all they are one of the instigators for the 3 strikes and tou are out through vermin media which will cause a lot a ppl to walk.

wow…you wouldnt spend money to not spend a lot more money…and yes people do make legit backups…not to say i do…but some do. spend another $60 on a game that isn’t worth the magical end all blu ray disc its mastered on…simply put…your a fucking idiot. lets also not use saving accounts or shit that gains interest…i mean if your broke…its your fault…fuck making money…or saving money…or even being smart enough not to say anything at all.

I think Admin needs to have a chat with some un necessary lanuage in this little forum! What are you guys trying to do give the public some more darts to throw at us for being able to make a copy of are purchased discs. Bark but not with 4 LETTER Words that some yo-yo can get to use against US!