LITE-ON DH-20A4P DVD/CD rewritable drive

I have a LITE-ON DH-20A4P DVD/CD rewritable drive, can this be used in a caddy as an external drive for a laptop running windows 7

It can. It even shipped in an external version (DX-20A4PU) with an internal drive in an enclosure, with no issues.

Thanks for your response, What type of caddy should I be looking for , iam new to this and unsure what size etc

Everywhere I have read says only supported upto vista?

What enclosures are you looking at?

What ever caddy fits lol , it’s the drive they say is only supported upto vista or is this only when used internally? I’m using windows 7

They drive is supported just fine in Win7.

As for a good enclosure? That depends on what you can find that will power the drive and electronics of the enclosure (there’s power consumption info on the label of the drive itself), something that supports at least high-speed USB 2.0, and supports PATA optical drives.

What about this one ?

In theory that would be fine. Regardless of what you choose, I would advise testing it to ensure it reaches an acceptable level of performance.

It would be good to get information on what model the enclosure is and maybe see the rated output of the power supply, but you can always return it should it not work like you desire.

Many thanks for your advice.