Lite-On DH-20A4P: Burning Problems - Power Calibration Area Error



[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On DH-20A4P. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I’ve had this Lite-On DVD/CD burner for a little less then a year then it started to not work.

Nero would stop right in the middle of burning an abort. I switched over to Burn4Free and it still won’t burn.

When I click on the D: in My Computer I get this Error:
“D: Not Accessible Incorrect Function”

I figured it was the new burner so I switched to my disc drive that only burnt CDs. Alas, the same message.

I read the error that Burn4Free would give and it was

"Writer Error [Medium Power (Power Calibration Area Error)]

I’m currently running Windows XP

Any ideas guys?


Disks have a test area on them where the drive can test write to calibrate laser power for the disk. power calibration error means that this test write has failed. The most likely causes are crappy media, a dead or dying drive, and a bad power supply. Try different media. If it is getting that error on two drives with different media, check out your power supply fast!!! If it is an oem computer, they tend to use cheap power supplys (even expensive brands like sony often use cheap power supplys). If your power supply fails, it can kill anything/everything in the computer (motherboards are very commonly killed). Download something that can monitor voltage (mb5, speedfan etc). Be aware, they are not always accurate but its a starting point. Perhaps try monitoring voltage while you try a burn. You can also try reducing power usage (unhook usb/firewire devices, unplug power to extra hard drives etc). You can also test with a multi meter if you have one. If it is testing with bad voltages and/or if reducing power usage fixes it, stop using the computer and replace the power supply fast before you kill something.