Lite-ON DH-20A3L(SATA)



[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On DH-20A3L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi Guys,
I flashed my DH20A3L with a dvd still in the drive:o and now the led is blinking continously.I have tried what other members did but with no luck.I even tried XSF but it could not see the drive.A friend of mine has the ecxact same drive and I used his firmware from the drive but with no luck.Any suggestions to rescue the drive or will it be just another coffee cup holder.



[QUOTE=iamgoku;2169599]I have tried what other members did but with no luck[/QUOTE]

By this I assume you have tried the Repair Checksum in the EEPROM utility. You could also try LtnFlash.

Does XSF work with SATA models? Some SATA controller chipsets don’t work well with optical drives.


Yes I have tried to the repair checksum but get the following error message: "sorry,the eeprom checksum cannot be repaired by this the CodeGuys"I will try theLtnflash.



Not sure, but it may help to enable “Update Bootcode” when you try to reflash.


Did that,… I bought exact new drive …my lost thanks for all who tried to help.I’ll put the old one to sleep.



I was wondering if I could maybe crossflash it,seeing that it is stuffed already.Any idea to what I can crossflash it to?



Hi can anyone tell me how I can use this tool,LtnFlash v2.6.10 to try and repair my drive?


Here is a link to the file: