Lite-on copying slowly

Just flashed my Lite-on from 32X to 40X, updated my bios, downloaded latest VIA drivers, but i’m getting 12X write out of my burning.

This has always been the case since I bought it.

Got Primary Master = 7200HDD
Primary Slave = CDROM (Lite on 52X)
Secondary Master = Flashed 32X Lite-on CDRW
Primary Slave = Secondary HDD (5200)

what am I doing wrong? The Lite-on has never performed at full speed (around 14 - 16X) even tho I mix the brands of disks quite regularly…

thanks for any help…

Did you enable DMA?

yes, all channels are enabled…

What burning software do you use?

Using Nero 5.9 and Clone CD 4, Nero seems the quicker, Clone CD writes predominantly at 16X…

btw - thanks for any suggestions… :slight_smile:

Thts prettty normal?

yes - thats the normal speed I am writing at using clone cd - 1750KB/sec… :frowning:

What media are you writing to??

standard 80 min disks, I have tried other media and its not far off the same, certainly not over 2500KBs

Uninstall Via drivers.
Uninstall the microsoft Ide drivers and install them again.
Check and/or install Aspi Layer.
Check DMA in Windows and bios.
Try the drive in another computer.

Put your harddisks on primary IDE cable. and Put Burner and CD-ROM on secondary IDE cable. That will help you.


Today i have bought an liteon 40x burner,when i have tested the burner,he burns only with 16x instead of 40x why???
I am using Nero and the cache is really jumping from 40 to 98 and so on and my system is sucking while burning,it seems like a slow pc but it is not.
How to enable dma under xp??
Many Thanks 4 ur help
greetz olli

Start-settings-system-hardware-devicemanager-Ide Ata/Atapidrivers- advanced settings.

thx everybody, will try :slight_smile:

When you say it is only burning at 16x do you mean on the fly or from your hard drive. Try copying to your hard drive then to your CDR and see how fast that is. If it is fast then the problem lays with your CD Rom not keeping up. With Burnproof and other similar systems the burn speed always starts off slow and gradually builds up. The average speed will always be less than the max.

Regards Dave Brown (rs250a)

yeah, thx mate, will try it - yeah, I do mean burning on the fly…by my overclocked 32X Lite on should still perform better than 1700KB/sec even with this option…