Lite-on combo

hey guys, just wondering how the combo drives are
i was looking at a ltc 48161h,
just wondering if its a 2 sheep, and if it has any problems with
sd 2-3

and if so , is there another combo drive , that is better


I’m the proud owner of Liteon 52x32x52x16 combi drive
for over 1 month,and it’s absolutely superb. I’ve no problems in
reading or burning software/games. Not sure were you’re located
but i paid £36 inc VAT from>>>>

The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

ok im trying to make a backup of call of duty…

with out using hde cdrmedia

i have a
plextor premium
plextor px708a
liteon ltc-48161h
asus crw-5232as

os xp
will one of these drives make a backup without using hide cdr?

PHENOM, you can’t make a CD without using hide CDR. The ATIP is already in the CDR before you buy it. You don’t need the "hide CDR "option when playing from a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM(not burners). The only time you need it is when playing on burners.

thanx for the quick reply $CyBeRwIz$

so what you are saying, is there is no way i can make a backup
of call of duty(sd3.x) and playing it on a burner without using hide dcr media???

Like 1 in a 1000 burners can do it (my old sony 12x for example can bypass any safedisc) because of bugs in the protection. Some DVD-ROM also read ATIP and will not play it either. This is a limitation by the medium, ATIP(Actual Time in Pre-Groove) is present on all blanks.


something to add
–i once used an old promise ide controller and it allowed any burner to play any safedisc game off it, i guess another bug…hehehe :slight_smile:

That is correct. The ATIP check was introduced in SafeDisc 2.41x, and very few burners can do it without an ATIP hider. (Yes, it IS a bummer, ain’t it?)