Lite On COMBO SOHC-5235K DVD Read Errors

Well, I recently purchased LITE ON SOHC 5235K Combo Drive. It writes CDs very efficiently and fast enough. Though very bad at writing on cheap media and even doesn’t recognise them well my 1 years old ASUS does.

Now my real problem is that, the drive is really really bad at reading DVD media, it gives error in almost 80% DVD (new), though it reads most of them, but while copying it gives CRC error or while installation, reading Error.
And the so cheap Samsung DVD drive even reads the all medium, Asus takes them as well.
I purchased Windows Vista recently, a week ago it performed well and installed it, but this week I again tried to install and it is giving me read error.

Can any one pls help me, the Firm is upto date, the Manufacturing month is August 2006, I purchased in January 2007.
I am disappointed with the Lite-On though its Reputation is very strong atleast compared to Samsung or LG, but the DVD reading performance of this drive is worse then those.

What should I do?
best regards.

Wow, I didn’t know they still make these. I got one in my eMachines computer back in 2004. I upgraded to FW NK0J. I’m not sure if there is a newer firmware out there, as I didn’t browse this forum for some time.

Can you tell me what FW you have?

I get errors when scanning with CD-DVD speed too, even with my YUDEN000 T02 media. I’ve grown to just ignore it. It does read the discs just fine, although the scan shows a bunch of errors.

The latest firmware is already installed i-e version CO52LK06, as it was released in early 2006 and the manufacturing month of drive is August 2006.