Lite-on combo sohc-5232k



I have a lite-on 5232k combo installed using windows xp. What blank CD do I use with it? There is no users manual that came with the drive and the company is no longer open. The drive will read other disc like the one for AOL, but I tried a blank SONY CD and the drive will say no disc inserted.


If you have no software for it, then rather than relying on the limited burning capabilities of XP, I’d look around the other forum sections for some freeware.

The drive should handle pretty much any CD-R or CD-RW, supporting up to 32x US-RW (Ultra speed rewritable) while also being able to handle old 1-4x and 2x original RW media as well.


Media support is a function of the firmware within the drive. So you may also want to ensure you have the latest available firmware for that model. With that being an older drive, don’t expect all media to be recognized and/or usable.


Download IMGBurn. It is free. Your drive should be able to handle nearly any CD. DVD’s are more particular than CD’s are.