Lite-on combo sohc-5232k

I own a three year old lite-on combo sohc-5232k. Just a few months ago, I built a new system and instead of buying a new dvd drive, I just mounted my old lite-on to my new pc.

It worked for about a month (even used it to install vista), then I started having problems with it. First, dvd movies became choppy. Then, I couldn’t play any dvd that I put in it.

Whenever I mount a dvd, the LED light would blink, but nothing else happens. When it stops blinking and I try to explore the drive, it shows only the drive name… just like when it doesn’t have a disk in it.

Tried manually launching the disk in powerdvd and wmp, but it says that there’s no disk in the drive. Audio disks and cdroms are detected fine tho… so I was wondering if its a driver problem or something like that or if my liteon has reached the end of it’s life.

Things I’ve done so far:
-Upgraded firmware (N0H first, then N0J. Both didn’t help)
(BTW, is a firmware the same as a driver? Can’t find a place to download the driver)
-Disconnected my other cd drive (failed); Used new IDE cable (failed)

**sorry if there’s a thread like this already… I’ve been scouring the web for help for 2 days now but I can’t find anything. :o Thanks!

Take a look here.

thanks KTL, will try this.