Lite-on Combo SOHC-5232K

I have recently bought this cd/dvd burner off of Ebay and The seller listed this Item as being a dual combo drive. I got it and tried to burna cd and it did but it does not want to brun DVD’s. So I ran the prog DVD Decrypter and look for the Drive capabilites and it told me the same thing but I just finished flashing the burning from NKOE to NKOJ to NKOh to NKOH and I still am getting that the burner only reads and writes cd’s and just read DVD’s but does not burn them. I would like to know if this is the only thing it does or is there some other firmware I can use to get this to work or do I need to get my money back and just get a new one that I know works! Your help is very appreciated and Thank you for looking at my first post to help. :bigsmile: Ad too let you know another thing which i just found out after reading. I bought a Iomega cd-rw/dvd-rom and it has firmware of lite-on Combo SOHC-5232K NK0E on it before I went o flashing.

Hi and welcome on CdFredaks. :slight_smile:
The SOHC-5232K is a combo drive and it writes only CD’s and reads both CD’s and DVD’s.

Thank you very much for your quick info on the matter at hand and Thank you again for welcoming me to the site! I stumbled across a site that looks very good!!! :clap: :smiley: