Lite-On Combo SOHC-5232k problem

Hey everybody

I have a liteon cd burner dvd-rom combo drive (Lite-On Combo SOHC-5232k) and i have experienced irritating problems eversince i updated my firmware to NK0J, the latest one.

Most of the time it did not detect any blank cd media i have inserted into the drive, and when it did detect and recognize the cd-r disk is in there, it almost always fails to burn a specific .iso images i have in the hard drive completely. (Usually burnt to 99% or at excatly 79% using nero, and nero would inform me that the burning process was not sucessful).

I was wondering if reflashing this drive back to the old firmware would help to solve my problem at this stage. Any ideas?

By the way, i couldn’t access codeguy’s websites, nor the database with those .bin raw firmware files at all, i wonder what the problem with those websites? ( those pages failed to load up repeatedly)

Thanks in advance

It won’t hurt to try flashing back. Did you make sure that DMA is turned on (sometimes Windows will turn it off after a flash).

As for codeguys being down, please read the announcement at the top of the forum (there’s a link to a mirror there).