Lite-On Combo SOHC-4832k

I just got my HP Pavillion about 3 weeks ago from frys. I soon figured out my LiteOn combo drive was not working and I didnt have time to take the hour drive to Frys to get it working so I called tech support and they said I had to buy a warrentee to get help since it was a refurb. I did a lot of searching on google and found some where that if I installed the Firmware for the 5832k (might be a little off), then it would work fine. I downloaded the firmware but when i tried to install it, it said i did not have compatable hardware. Any ideas on how I could get this thing working would be much appreciated.

Hi, and welcome to our forums!

Yes, you could flash the firmware to one for the 52x model, but I doubt that a firmware flash will fix any problems. Sometimes it might solve a problem of this nature, but oftentimes it will not.

1/ You said that this is a refurb? Maybe the drive was dead to begin with.

2/ Could you be more specific as to what you mean by “not working”? Could you describe the symptoms and any error messages that you got?

3/ Check the usual suspects first. If the drive is old (used a lot by a previous owner before the computer was returned for refurbishing where the people doing the refurbishing may have not bothered with checking the drive), maybe it has a buildup of dust on its lens. Check to make sure that all the wires and connectors are secured. Etc.

4/ If you do decide to go the route of firmware, there are two things that you should do:

  • First, make a back up of your drive’s original firmware. There are not many 4832K firmwares floating around out there, so unless you have a backup copy, it’ll be hard for you to revert back if you decide that you want to (and if your current firmware is anything but OPK3, we won’t mind getting a copy of it in our inbox, either ;)).
  • Second, you will need to use FlashFix on the 52x flasher in order to get it to flash your drive. See the tools collection sticky.

Heh, I completely forgot to say what was up with the drive. I can see it on the device manager and it open and closes and it also looks like a a brand new drive. When i put any kind of cd in the drive nothing comes up at all. Im not too hip with all the comp lingo but ill go read around the sticky and see whats up with that. Appreciate it hoss.

Could you try booting up from the combo drive? That’s usually a quick and simple way to test to see if the drive is dead…

Im sorry man but i dont even know what booting up from the combo drive is, is there a sticky to read cause i am extemely confused right now ha

when i try to install the 5832k it says it cant do it cause i have the 4832k

you need to flashfix the firmware:


yeah i did that but i dont know what to drop into the flash fix, it keeps telling me to drop in some kind of exe or something

[grumbles at Microsoft’s “Hide extensions of known file types” so-called “feature”]

Drop in the firmware flasher–that thing that you double click and then that tells you that it doesn’t want to flash. Make a backup of your current firmware first! Read the LiteOn tools sticky and look for LtnFW for firmware backups.