Lite-on combo problem

I just purchased Lock on MAC, and it is giving me an error that the incorrect cd rom is inserted. I had a similar problem w/ postal 2 share the pain, and the manufacturer sent me a fix. Before I contact the tech support at lock on, it told me that I should get the latest firmware for my drive. I have no idea what that is. Can someone please tell me what I need and where to locate it. My exact drive is a Lite-on LTC 48161h. Thanks

Look here

Download the latest firmware and just run it. The program will do the rest… Easy as pie.

Alright, I tried that and got an interesting response. The program told me that “no match drive detected,” even though it named my exact drive. If anyony knows why it would say taht please let me know. Also, for the type of issue I am having with Lock On, is this a viable fix? I have no idea waht this software does.

“Firmware is programming that is inserted into a programmable memory area of your drive, thus becoming a permanent part of a drive. This ‘software’ is called firmware and can be updated with a firmware flasher. Every company has its own methods to allow you to do a firmware upgrade. A firmware upgrade can add new functionality to your drive. Also bug fixes and improvements are done by firmware upgrades.”