Lite-on combo ltc-48161h & pie/pif

Does anyone know how reliable the PIE/PIF scans from this Combo DVD drive are? This is my only LITE-ON drive I have, I’ve used it to scan disks on Kprobe but I get scans that are too high in both PIE/PIF, but when using it in DVDInfoPro I get way lower amounts I am a bit confused. :confused:

:bow: .:NEC ND-3500:.

They’re as (un)reliable as the DVD-ROMs.

Get a real DVD burner that supports error scanning like LiteOn or BenQ.

I’ve been thinking of getting a LITE-ON SOHW-1653S as a second DVD writer to do both reading and writing, also the reliability in the error scans makes it a plus.

:bow: .:NEC ND-3500:.