Lite-On Combo LTC-48161H -- need factory eeprom please!

I am such a knucklehead.

Was trying to revert my LDW-451S back to a 451S after doing the 851S mod. Loaded up the factory eeprom for this drive and accidentally applied it to my LTC-48161H drive instead. :sad:

Would someone please help by pm’ing me if they have the factory LTC-48161H eeprom file? TIA

I’m sorry to hear that… but, unfortunately…

1/ This will do you no good. Each EEPROM file contains factory-set laser calibration information that is unique to each and every drive. The only EEPROM that will work for your drive is the one from your drive and only that.

2/ As a result of this and also because there are a ton of big, red warnings posted everywhere about the use of the EEPROM tool, the policy here is that no EEPROM requests are allowed. This thread is being closed.

3/ If you’re using the conventional methods of 451S@851S, there is no need to backup your 451S EEPROM when flashing to a 851S. And no need to restore the old EEPROM when flashing back to a 451S. In fact, my recommendation has always been to never even bother with using the EEPROM tool unless you’re dealing with a @811S flash because all the crossflashes except for @811S never touch/affect the EEPROM in any way. Just for future reference… :wink: