Lite-On Combo 5232K no sound from CD

I was borrowing the new Kanye West Late Registration CD from my sister. Musicmatch is the audio program that came on my computer.

Audio CDs have played normally ever since I got my computer back in Jan. 2004. I’ve ripped every CD in my collection into mp3 using the Musicmatch program.

I tried playing the Kanye West CD and for some reason it was lagging. I would move to the next track but it took awhile. Then the program was unresponsive.

I ejected the CD and reinserted and Musicmatch began playing the CD, but this time I could not hear it. Every CD I played after it does not play.

However, the headphone jack on the Lite-On now works, but only when an audio CD is playing. This did not happen before. It was the total opposite…I could hear the CD through the speakers but the Lite-On headphone jack did not work. After Kanye West, I can’t hear the audio Cd through the speakers/computer headphone jack, but I can hear the audio CD through the Lite-On headphone jack.

I’m assuming that maybe the Kanye CD has one of those antipiracy methods and it somehow switched something in the Lite-On.

Any ideas?