Lite-ON CDRWs < 8x?

Hi all. Does anyone know if our lovley [i]LITEON[/i] drives will ever support recording @ less than 8x with a new f/w or in future drives???

I want to know 'cos the only reason i am keeping an old 4x4x24 mitsumi 4804te drive is because i can use it to write sensitive dataat low speeds
(eg: PS2 games and especially DreamCast games - which models the protection on exact individual sectors)

shuebhussain :wink:

The LTR-32123S does write at 4x with the newest firmware XS0U.
However, I never ever wrote lower than maximum on any of my PSX or Dreamcast games. Of course I got no problems whatsoever.

i have often wrote PSX at max [24] but DC has give me problems @8x+.

Any more info on other drives, namely 24102B / 40125s???

They should at least release a firmware that supports 4x recording for the 40125 series due to problems that can and do occur when overburning to 99min at higher speeds. (Tom’s Hardware had an article griping about that with some drives)

lets hope so:D