Lite-on CD-RW to work w/existing software

I’ve had an HP 8200i for over 3 years now. Works great with the bundled software Adaptec easy cd creator 3.5 (standard version) and Direct CD 2.5…

I do use Direct CD to store stuff (pictures, house documents, etc) before making them readable in any CD Drive.

I bought the new Buslink (lite-on) 48x CD-RW that comes with Nero and INCD.

As you all may know that I didn’t know, after installing the new drive and being recognized by the PC, the software (both easy cd creator and Direct CD) won’t recognize the new drive.

After sweating for a few minutes, I decided to reinstall my old HP 8200i and I’m back to normal. …for now.

I don’t want anything fancy…I just want this new fast drive to work with my existing software. Any idea what I need to do.

Thanks very much.

Not familiar with which model the Buslink 48x is, but for you it doesn’t matter.

Support for LTR-48125W (first 48x) was introduced in EZCD:
Basic version
Platinum(Retail) version

Looks like you’ll have to upgrade if you want to continue using EZCD.

Here’s the support list

Thanks very much. I think I understand what you’re saying.

Since I have a very old version of Easy CD Creator 3.5 and Direct CD 2.5, I can’t simply update my existing software. I will need to upgrade to the newest version of the software (meaning, just break down and buy it retail). Right.

Also, I read so many things about the problems with previous versions of software…uninstalling before installing the new…

Would I be right to assume I should uninstall my versions of Easy CD Creator and Direct CD before installing brand new purchased versions? Do you foresee any problems with these steps? Please tell me it will be very easy… :slight_smile: Please, Please.

Also, I did look up the model number of the new drive and it is LTR-48246S. I did see that on the list you directed me too.

normal un-install. then I would suggest running regclean (available here) just to be on the safe side. then just install and hope for the best. Shouldn’t be a big deal.

Good luck, and I hope you like your new drive!

Just wanted to provide an update for those that helped me and in case this helps anyone else.

I unistalled my existing version of easy cd creator and direct CD via the add/remove programs method. All went fine.

Then powered down and unplugged. Installed the new CD-RW in place of the old HP 8200i, it has served me well.

Powered back up and the drive was recognized. Then Installed the new Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 Platium. All went fine.

Made a few audio cd copies, and mp3 to CD Audio cds without major problems. Did make 2 coasters along the way. Not sure if it’s just that my PC is starting to show it’s age or what.

(ABS Pentium 3 450mhz, 10gb hdd, 256 ram)

Only thing I haven’t figured out yet is why I’m not able to get the software (or drive?) to add the song names from the existing CD when making labels. Says it can’t be found. Maybe I need to configure something else. It worked fine on the older hardware/software.