Lite on CD RW 52327s firmware problem

Please help!

i flashed my lite on 52327s cd - rw,without backing up my old firmware.

It’s second revision,withou eeprom.I tried firmwares QS0D55,QS0E57,QS0E58,QS0E5A but no one worked or should I say my drive can only read and write cd-rw media,and can’t read or write cd-r discs.

Anyone have links for QS53 or QS54 firmware… ?

PLEASE,I need it!

Here is QS5A.

I’ve tried that.No use.

Please QS53 or QS54.thanx.

Anyone have lite on 52327s with second revision ? QS* firmware ?

I think that it will help…someone,please !!!

Best firmware page I could find for the 52327s (I have the drive, but I’ve never updated the firmware)

i know,i tried all those firmwares

If none of those firmwares work, then your drive has most likely died.

I really doubt that only 1 firmware (out of more than half a dozen) will let you read and write CD-R. Maybe you damaged the drive with a bad flash :confused:

believe me or not,I have QS58 firmware and i can read and write only cr rw discs.

Have you tried sending an email to LiteOn directly?

my warranty expired year ago.I really don’t know what to do.

wich is their e-mail ?