Lite-On CD-R and Lite-On Reader question


I just bought a Plextor 40/12/40A and I wish I’d read this site before I did. Do not buy this burner if you want to burn playable copies of your games (SD 2.5). I tried MOHAA with Nero, Blind read/Write and CCD. No luck and now I know why.

Here’s my question for all the experts out there. I want the “perfect” burner or burner/reader combo. What would you do. I burn copies of every CD I buy and I’m sure those of you that treat your CD’s like I do, do the same. I don’t want to have to worry about being able to rip/burn protected audio discs. At the same time, I do the same with all of my software and games (PSX). Should I get the ASUS or should I buy a dedicated CDrom for ripping and buy the Lite-On 40x for burning. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Well i would definetly go with the lite-on burner, arguably the best bang for ya buck about. For reading go with Toshie dvd or a liteon dvd, both exellent drives. As for audio copy protection?? i dont know a great deal about which reader and writers can and cant do?
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For copy protected audio, the plex is supposed to be the best by all accounts. No personal experience though since no copy protected audio here in oz.:slight_smile:

Keep the Plex for audio and get the Lite-ON for the rest, there is no ‘perfect’ burner out there but those two cover all the bases!

I’m going with Lite-On, but which model? 24x, 32x, 40x, 48x?

I’d suggest the 32125W (best deal if you can still get it) or the 40125S/40125W since all can be firmware upgraded to the 48X model (Mender took three different burners apart and apparently there is no visible hardware difference between them)

But stay away from the 32123S, it’s not upgradeable…

OTOH, the 24X (if you can still find it) is probably the one with the best track record of reliability.

If you prefer avoiding the ‘overclocking’ process and the risks it entails (yes, some drives don’t respond well to it), you can get the 48125W directly.

Now would be the time to check the LiteON Forum:wink: