Lite on cd burner noises,pops

I,ve tried every thing to burn songs without noises and pops so I bought a song from a music library …burned it, sure enough digital noise and pops ,I think it’s the lite on burner …I,hear all kinds of noises comeing from it…has anyone had this problem …please help

What is the madia you are using?

I,have nero…and roxio neither one works

Cyberwiz wants to know what brand of CD-R you are using as using a cheap brand can cause this. Try buying a quality brand of CD-R have a look in the lite-on forums for what they recommend for your drive and burn at 4x if the problem persists then it sounds like it might be a problem with your drive but I bet its cheap CD-R’s that you are using which is causing this problem for you.

john boy this is assin,I bought some sony cd r yesterday and tried to burn one song it also came out with all the noise and garbage now the drive burns with a amberish color light not the fire red burning light wow this problem is killing me I,ordered a new drive hope it comes soon/I,bought this ''lite on cd r at one of thoes computer sales for $33…all the documtation was in '‘chinese’'could they have duped me ???

Possible but I doubt it, its probably a drive thats been hammered and its now on its last legs.
Unsure on the light situation but when burning in nero does the buffer level go up and down all the time whilst burning a CD as this could be your problem?
What speed are you burning at?