Lite-on causing harddrive activity in win xp?

I have a 32125W and I’ve tried some other FW(also tried overclocking it) but no matter what I do my harddrive led keeps blinking even if I shut down every running service I can think of.
If I remove the drive windows boots up normally, harddrive blinking for 20-30 and then it stops(or has normal very long pauses between activity)

I’t driving me crazy, really. I know it’s the Lite-on and I know it’s attached properly (tried switching IDE positions too ) so I’m fresh out of Ideas as to what is causing this activity.

It blinks at a rate of around 1-2 blinks /sec and it NEVER stops.
It doesn’t claim any extra CPU power according to windows task manager but I believe it’s making my Maxtor drive unusually hot.

Nothing seems wrong. I burn ok, it’s installed ok and so on so Please! other lite-on owners tell me if you know what it is or if you don’t have that problem.

My specs are
Windows XP Pro
384 mb pc 133 ram
Asus A7V133 motherboard
Generic 10/100mbit netcard
Radeon 8500
Amd 1.4ghz
IBM 10gb Maxtor 40gb

Hey bud,

Have a look at this internal thread

I was having the same problem…but its not a problem. It’s just the hard drive polling the IDE bus. It does no seem to do any harm.

Thanks mate! Great read!

Hehehe I bet you went almost as mad as I did :slight_smile: From noticing that subtle flickering and trying to pinpoint the “error”… then finding out it’s the lite-on but not being able to do a damn thing about it :slight_smile:

I’ll learn to live with it now that I know it’s not actual activity.

Thanks again for the quick response!