Lite-on burner

Hi all, im new to this forum, and i already have a question for ya! I just recently purchased a dvd-rom from newegg and much to my horror it was white instead of black! Now, it was my fault and not neweggs, i just forgot to double check my order. I dont want to have to go through the trouble of sending the drive back because of my mistake either. So my question is, where can i purchase a faceplate that will fit my liteon dvd-rom? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Why not just spray paint it? And while you’re at it… you can spray your whole case altogether so the color will match…

I honestly haven’t seen a faceplate for the Lite-ON dvd-rom’s, but painting it would surely work :slight_smile: Maybe you could find something on Ebay…

yeah i though about painting the drive itself, but i just wanted to see if there was a faceplate out there, and i would never dream of painting the case, i just bought a brand new raidmax case! Anyways, thanks for the help, i figured it be best to ask here other than anyone else!

I bought black faceplates both for my 52246S and 165H, they exist very much but they are hard to get, I ordered mine from Denmark.

You can get them here in black for liteon and sony: