Lite on burner issue?help please

years ago i decided to buy a cheap though good dvd burner so i opted for a
lite-on dvd burner. The model is: LDW-851s. By the time i got my dvd writer i installed it on my mac and patch the drive with the firmware that makes the drive region free. For about one year i used my lite-on to copy movies and it was ok not really good cuz there are quite a lot of limitation on burning movies on a mac. yesterday i got sick of those limitations and decided to install my drive on a pc running windows xp service pack 2 just to abvoid those issues and… damn there is something wrong with the device or with windows or i just dont know. It happens that when i attempt to play an original dvd movie the application crash as soon as it reaches the dvd menu or the begining of the movie, it only shows the warning screens but after that the software hangs. With burned movies it get worst. sometimes it doest even recognize the movies as movies but as files. thats really strange cuz in mac im able to play movies ok but in pc just i cant. i have tried with almost any software i find but nothing.

please help guys i dont wanna go back to mac it plain sucks