Lite-on Burner HELP

Ok, I have had this burner for about 2 yrs now, and maybe burnt over 2,000 cd,dvd,dvd DL, discs in all since I had it. Anyways just recently it does not show up in XP, but in my bios it shows up… How do I know if it is going out? :eek:

Does it show up in Device Manager?

No it does not. Should i unplugg everthing and then try again to see it that works?

That would be a good thing to try. :slight_smile:

Ok, I will let you on a heads up, when I check it.

Nope, still not showing up in XP.

yea thats what happens to my lite-on dvd burner also
mine seems to burn dvds pretty fine
it doesnt work though about cds
and it doesnt show up in xp

Yep, about a month ago until now, it was acting up, like 47 out of 50 dvd movies I was burning failed and made a bad burn.

Alright everbody for an update. I set everthing back to default in my bios and it’s back and working in XP :bigsmile:

Don’t want all the details but what did you change in the bios that stopped the drive from functioning properly?