Lite-On bundled Nero Suite 3 software



I just recieved my first DVD burner (Lite-On SOHW 1693S). It came with Power DVD, and Nero. I already own the latest version of Nero Enterprise Edition It however didn’t include Nero Vision Express. The bundled Nero that came with the DVD burner includes Nero Vision Express 2.

I need the Nero Vision software to make movie DVDs. I tried to install the Nero Vision software from the bundled disc onto my Nero Enterprise, but the DVD burner doesn’t read the disc. It reads, and writes all other disc. I placed the Nero install disc into an LG 52x CD-ROM drive on a second PC, and it reads it fine.

What’s the difference between the bundled Nero software that comes with Lite-On DVD burners, and the registered Enterprise edition? Could it be that the drive won’t read the Nero OEM install disc because of the registered version already installed on my system?


I can tell you no, last I tried, it should still atleast read the disc and show up in explorer when you try to access the drive. Maybe is disc damaged?


you must install the latest version you just got!!! Then you add the serial N° fo you Nero Enterprise !!! That way you will keep your initial version and get Nero Vision.


Well. I had downloaded the Nero Ultra update, and updated my version previously before getting the DVD burner. After getting the burner, and realizing I needed the NeroVision program, I downloaded the latest version from Nero’s website, and installed it with my Enterprise serial number. However I found that the Enterprise version does not include the MPEG-2 DVD plugin, so I can only make VCDs, and SVCD to play on my standalone home DVD player. Unfortunatly, it doesn’t support VCD, and SVCD anyway. :frowning:

I’ll have to purchase the MPEG-2 plugin seperatlly. I would say screw Nero,and just use the WinDVD Creator that came with my 6600GT card, but it seems I can’t change the aspect ratio, so when it does it’s thing, and burns the DVD, I come out with a DVD video that is squashed to use less than half the screen centered in the middle. It less than what most widescreen movies use.

What I was hoping to do was to uninstall the Enterprise Edition all together, and install the OEM version that came with the burner to see if it included the plugins I need, but I supect it doesn’t either since it’s free with the burner.


nero suite came with burrner…i unistalled the nero that came with my cd burner and installed nero that came with dvd burner…had problem with computer needed to reinstall windows…when i tried to install nero software it says it is a demo and is no longer valid…what the heck do i do???


should have a key to install what will change it


You may need to install from the MAIN menu, and not shortcut it, but Nero bundled normally inserts the predefined key for you (unless they changed it again).

It’s a good idea to look the bundle key up in the registry, as then you can install the latest “demo” (of the same major version) and apply the key if you do have to reinstall.