LITE-ON blu-ray drive losing connection

I have a LITE-ON DX-4O1S external USB blu-ray player.

I’m trying to rip a movie to my harddrive. For whatever reason, midway through the rip I lose the connection to the external player. The blue light on the front of the player goes off and it no longer appears on my laptop. It seems as though the player goes into a sleep mode. The best way I’ve fixed it is by quickly power cycling the external drive, but it’s too late for that. The issue is I can’t get through a single rip! I’ve tried multiple programs, not even just to rip it to my harddrive; anydvd, tsmuxer, ripbot, etc. The same thing continues to happen. I’ve tried different USB cords, different USB ports, reboots, can’t figure this out.

I’m running 64-bit Vista.

Why does my drive disconnect? Has anyone seen this problem before? HELP! It’s driving me crazy.