LITE-ON Black 20X IDE with LightScribe $37

Just wanted to let you all know about this just in case someone needed a burner.

LITE-ON Black 20X E-IDE/ATAPI DVD Burner with LightScribe Technology - OEM
$36.99 with free 3 day shipping

take care.

hmmm 20X burner??? I guess you have to feed it with premium 16X blanks to achieve that speed. I guess only 2 brands are qualified for 20X: Verbs and TY. For me, I’d rather stay with 16X burners, I choose quality over speed, a few seconds faster will not satisfy my pickiness

A good find, but I agree that the speed is a moot point. 12x is about the fastest speed that I have found reliable on a regular basis. 16x is really hit and miss, so I wouldn’t even want to attempt 18x, let alone 20x. I guess it is interesting to see that 16x wasn’t the limit as many people thought.

I have not had one single bad 18x burn on my LG GSA-H22N with Verbatim ± 16x media as of yet and I scan all my 18x burns.

That being said I still burn mostly at 12x and 16x, ghetocowboy and Jesterrace are right on the mark.

Beware I have 20x LS version and I am not sure this drive is as good as my H22N…
burns are not as good more PIE/PIF…may just be a very immature FW but the H22N does a better job on same spindle of media…

wait on this drive…I wish I had

Well it is tough to beat the H22N no question, if I was buying a new drive right now it would for sure be the H22N…

I just feel the newer Liteons are not up to the other newer drives and I am not sure a fw will fix this, but this is MHO