Lite On bad flash recovery

i have read the litoen forum thread. Where is the jumper trick that everyone keeps talking about, the pics does not show the correct pin array for the 40125s. Which pins do i short/close and for how long. How can i get my pc bios to recognize? which flasher and commands i can use?


i used mtkflash w/vos6 FW on a Liteon 40125s and now the drive is not recognized and is powered but unresponsive.

I can’t remember a jumper trick, especially none that everybody is talking about.

You can use mtkflash even if your bios does not recognise the drive.

Mundia there is a jumper trick it, revieved my 40125s ,it was given to me by BoSkin . send your email address & I ll send it to you

But what do you need a jumper trick for? You don’t need it for bad flash recovery, that’s sure.

Are you sure , man ?!

I don’t need to prove it for a 100th time.


for a couple of days ago having received your PM I asked you to mail me your e-ddress, but you didn’t.
You would have had your drive revived.

Anyway, hopefully Nick T has already helped you with that stuff.

I exchanged that bad drive. I used the “zsxx to vs06.exe” FW in windows 98 on the new drive, which worked but i can not “see” any subdirectories.

I forgot where i got the windows firmware.

How do revert back to vs04,vs02 and 40125s.