Lite-on bad burns

Hi im new to the forum and also quite new to dvd burning so forgive me if i seem stupid.
My problem is any dvd i burn takes ages to read on my bush dvd player and wont read/skips/audio goes out of sync on others. I use the same recorder and media (ritek ff printabel or datawrite titanium ff printable) as my friend and the same programs, however anything he burns plays faultlessly. I have tried disc to disc copying using Stomp recordnowmax and nero 6. To backup dvds i use dvd shrink 3.2, dvd decrypter and nero. I never burn faster than 4x and i have also burned from hd. Nothing seems to improve the compatability of the burned discs.
Any help or advice would be much appreciated as limited knowledge is making me very frustrated! Cheers, Gav

can you do a quality scan with nero cd-dvd speed and post a screenshot here? which writer do you have? which firmware?

Hi, thanks for the reply, as i aint got internet at home where i do the burning i cant give you the details just yet but i shall have a look. Im not sure what model burner it is but its only 6 months old and just says dvdrw and DL on the front. i will take a look at the model number and the firmware and let you know. thanks

OK, have got all details together and have tested as far as i know how. My system is as follows: Biostar motherboard, AMD Sempron 64 3000+, 512mb kingston ddr, 80gb maxtor hd, Lite-on cd-rw, asus e616a dvd, Lite-on DVDRW SHW-1635s. It is running firmware version YSON. My reader and Writer are on secondary ide with the reader set as master. The discs i use are Ritek G05 and CMC. I use Nero version I have used nero scandisk to scan a movie i ripped and it came back as 100% surface and 100% files. Burst rate test 29mb/s. I have 2 test graphs on disk. How do i post them on here? I have also noticed thet the burn starts alot further from the middle of the disc than on my friends copies. about 3 or 4mm. Thats basically everything i know.

you can attach pictures (.png format) in advanced post mode. you should use cd-dvd speed’s “disk” button (upper right corner) to save a screenshot as png file.
have you done quality scans? above are only transfer rate tests.

Im not sure how to do that. Do i test a disc with a movie i have burned or use a blank disc? should i do a test with a disc my friend has burned also? Ive noticed my nero cd/dvd speed console looks different to the scan pictures i have seen on various threads.

OK, i have downloaded cd/dvd speed 4.10 and will be installing it later. will test a load of my burns and post the results on here tomorrow. Thanks for your help so far!

Ok, im back. Have tested a few of the discs i have burned recently.

Not sure what anyone will make of these. The issue i have doesnt seem to be with burn quality but more with where the burn starts and how the disc is recognised by set-top dvd players. All my burned movies play perfectly in my pc dvd drive. I have downloaded firmware YSOW to replace my YSON. Not installed it yet in case i do more damage than good. Would i be better off downloading omnipatcher?

Hey Gav323

In order to compare scans, you should scan all disks @ the same speed. I believe LiteOn drives are supposed to scan @ 4x but I’m not sure as I have never owned one.

Your RitekG05 burn looks pretty good for that media. You should periodically check the G05’s as there have been some reports of degradation over time.

The CMC AE1’s should be rescaned @ 4x to get a better idea of the quality. It may be a bad drive/firmware/media combination. I usually get very decent burns from these disks when burned @ 8x regardless of burner/firware.

Are you burning all disks @ 16x? Both Ritek G05 and CMC AE1 are 8x media. If you are overspeeding the media and are not satisfied with the burns. Try burning @ 8x or 12x. The 12x burning speed will only take slightly longer.

If you are having problems with a stand alone player it is probably due to high jitter which your liteOn drive does not report during scans. To lower the jitter try burning 8x media @ 4-8x. I have had a few disks that had lower error rates in the quality test (95’s and 97’s) but high high jitter values. It’s the jitter which causes jumping + sputtering.

Edit: Just realized your nero graphs are probably transfer rate tests, not create disk tests. Oops.

Same scanning speed is certainly preferred, but the LiteOn 1635S usually have very comparable scans at 4x and 8x.

The forum has decided on 8x as the standard scanning speed for “5S” and “6S” drives, including the LiteOn 1635S. Previous models have 4x as the standard scanning speed in this forum.

Hi there, The tests i did were of various movies i have burned over the last 3 months and they were all written at 4x. I never write faster than that as i am concerned with quality not speed. I bought my 1635s drive 4 months or so ago and it runs YSON Firmware. Not sure of the media compatability with that, but i found it was available for download ages ago, so why mine isnt running with newer firmware im not sure. would you advise me to update my firmware and see what happens?