Lite-on Australia

Patryc at

Liteon 48X40X12 IDE CD-RW Drive with Burn Proof and Software (stock) $102
Liteon 48X48X12 IDE CD-RW Drive with Burn Proof and Software (stock) $109

also try and again for prices

Any idea when 48x24x48 (LTR-48246S) will arrive in .au?

My hardware supplier reckons they might skip that model and go to 52x24x52x models

Winner Computers
Have a great range of hardware that are just as good if not better than fair prices.

The 48x24x48x Liteon is here (Australian Supplier)

I guess I’ll have to wait more… =(
I’ve just been out for a few hours asking retailers. Everyone’s got prices and orders but no stock of the 48/24x’s.

At least it’s worth it… I hope… :slight_smile:

Well Winner Computers can send out delievery and apparently they did stock the 48/24/48 in anyhow
so go to the link in my previous post to see if what you need is there :bigsmile: